SAG1 calliope in solitude

In language of my father’s fore-bearers, Sagaligesw was a communal elder and medicine woman rolled into one: not simply a ‘wise woman’ but a ‘plant woman’ in the literal sense. Sagaligesw – Plant & Woman reflects on the hidden wisdom and strength of woman as told in the language of flowers.


The Persistence of Doors

Art can be found even in loss and decay. Abandoned reflects on the eerie beauty of structures being reclaimed by nature, even as they seem a moment frozen in time.




As one of my many side projects, I serve as photographer for Habitat SHR. Many of the images on their website and in their press releases are the result of myself and a handful of other volunteers braving buzzing power tools and falling construction debris to capture our work crews in action. Oh, and the crazy lady shooting off the back of the speeding golf cart at the annual fundraiser tournament…? That’s me too!