sunday stills: rain

Amazingly, the rain seems to have stopped here … at least for a while. Even so, it hasn’t really warmed up enough to entirely dry out the accumulation of the last several weeks; stepping off the edge of the driveway still means taking the risk of being in ankle-deep mud. Funny thing is, we don’t usually get much of a spring here: winter generally starts late, lasts well into March, and then we have maybe one or two weeks of spring-ish weather before jumping straight into the sweltering heat of summer where there might be no rain at all … unless we get slammed by a hurricane coming up the coast. Eighty-degree Christmases and Easter thunder-snows are not at all unusual. In fact, the consistent inconsistency of the weather has been the only normal thing about this entire past year. On the up-side, I’ve at least had plenty of time to play catch-up with my backlog of projects …?


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