cmmc – pick a topic (tools)

OK, no: I really haven’t gotten out of the habit of putting myself in unusual places to get the perfect shot. One of my (many) side-gigs is as a site photographer for Habitat for Humanity. This often means operating in and around all the dangers inherent to being on a construction site: trenches, holes, and unstable ground; unsecured construction supplies; ladders; manual and power tools (sometimes in the hands of volunteer staff that are just beginning to learn how to use them properly); stuff falling from the roof. You name it, I’ve probably seen it. I can repeat the Project Manager’s entire safety warning from memory, I’ve heard it so many times. I also know that she’s not kidding when she insists that I rig up in full safety gear including hard-hat. But her insistence that I not hang too far out the windows and keep both feet firmly planted on the ground hasn’t stopped me from finding some pretty incredible angles or capturing candid moments like these between our crew.


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