fotd, 22 may 2020


mem’ry is a rose whose fragrance lingers in your mind

m.d. ridge


It’s funny how things sneak up on you when you least expect them … especially when they’re things you don’t necessarily want to remember. Ten years ago today was the date that hubby and I had originally picked to announce our engagement, until the phone rang and the world turned upside down with the news that TR was dead: killed at work because of the failure of his employer to follow a simple safety rule (though we didn’t know the whole of it at the time). The truth finally came out in a painful, protracted trial, but in the interim our family was vilified by the media and my uncle’s good name dragged through the mud. Even now, thinking about it still leaves me torn between stinging grief and burning rage.

In the years since, this weekend has been a time for our family to gather together for comfort. It’s … not happening this year, clearly: between quarantines, stay-at-home orders, and a hodgepodge of travel restrictions, none of us are going anywhere. Even visitation to the mausoleum has been prohibited. Adding further to the doom and gloom, it’s raining here today, AND I’ve just been told that my current employer has been given instructions from his boss not to allow any of us to return to work until there’s a vaccine. I get people wanting to be safe, but where do you draw the line …?

I really just want to scream in frustration … but the neighbors would probably call the cops.

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