flower of the day, 9 july 2019


Nothing starts the day off right better than a lovely Flower of the Day. I wasn’t expecting quite this level of detail to be visible-you can even see the pollen grains-but I guess that means I did something right. I’ll take any improvement I can get at this point!

Anyhow, today is a non-rehearsal day for me while I build my stamina back up to tackle my upper octaves; C7 is a nightmare to hit even on a good day … and right now I’m struggling not to sound like a shrieking first-form student who hasn’t yet learned breath control! This is payback for spending the better part of the last decade slacking off and not playing anything above C5, I know it! I should’ve been setting a better example for the youngsters … Ah, well. I’ve already got three shows scheduled for next season, so I’ve got the incentive to pull myself back out of the gutter …


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