flower of the day, 6 july 2019


Today’s Flower of the Day is bright and cheerful despite the sweltering summer heat … rather how I wish I felt! Last night’s brief shower (and today’s torrential downpour) brought no cooling: just turned the streets into a massive sauna. Adding to the excitement, instead of being able to just hang out in the AC and work on my art I got called out to deal with a supply issue on my studio renovation. Apparently our flooring manufacturer discontinued our entire product line … but never told their retail outlets to pull it from their shelves. So it’s back to square one. And I’d put so much effort into finding a tile that would coordinate with the (unusual) existing color on the walls, too, so we wouldn’t have to repaint!

I think I’m going to take a deep breath and go back to staring out the window and plotting how my new garden is going to look now that our sun deck is finished and I can think about planting in my back yard again …


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