flower of the day, 4 july 2019


Okay, it’s not red, white, and blue … but what better way to celebrate the 4th than with a Flower of the Day from Thomas Jefferson’s garden …? They’ve kicked off the celebrations here a day early. I can already hear the fireworks going off, despite that it’s been illegal to have them here for years due to persistent drought conditions, and I can only hope we’ll be lucky enough to escape having our neighborhood set alight by some genius that feels they’re above the law and know more about shooting off fireworks than the professionals.

Of course, we live three blocks from one of the city’s few legitimate fireworks displays and I already know tomorrow’s going to be a madhouse. The police typically shut down vehicle traffic on the streets nearest and prohibit on-street parking to protect pedestrians and private property BUT the parking lots at the city park fill early, with folks packing in at sunrise and staying all day to claim the best spots. Let them have it. Meanwhile, we residents all pull our vehicles into our garages, block our driveways with traffic cones and our lawns with temporary fencing and hunker down to wait out the chaos.

See you on the other side!


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