flower of the day, 2 july 2019


Okay, I admit it: it’s been a rough few weeks. Living in a construction zone isn’t anyone’s idea of pleasant, I suppose, but for an artist unhomed from their workspace it’s a special kind of hell. The purging of my studio and sale of the past year’s projects continues, albeit slowly, as buyers trickle in; no one dares venture out in this miserable heat without good reason. And to make matters worse, I’ve uncovered things in the course of my cleaning that have made me maudlin.

Like the only surviving picture I have of myself with ‘Maestro A’ who was one of the greatest influences on my early musical career. Or the essay I’d written about ‘Maestra C’ who brought me back from a breakdown that nearly destroyed my love for the arts. Or the last works of my late brother who encouraged my love for photography … even if I never shared his enthusiasm for disassembling and rebuilding antique cameras.

Just when I thought things were getting easier …

I really need something bright and cheerful now, like the Flower of the Day, to perk me back up again …



    1. Thanks! I’m not sure what they’re feeding them either; those were in one of the big historic gardens about three hours to the north & west of us … and everything there is huge. We’re talking peonies with blooms I’d need both hands to hold, and trees with leaves as big as my head.

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